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Latest WUWM Lake Effect reviews. Season is up and running.

Reviews of The Rep, Next Act, In Tandem, Skylight and First Stage.

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Imagination runs wild in First Stage’s “

Like every single production at First Stage, there are a lot of reasons to go see a show – in this case “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” which opened last weekend. You can go for the story, or the music or … Continue reading

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Jarecki leads cast of literate illiterates at In Tandem

How funny is Doug Jarecki? I was standing in line to pick up my ticket for “All The Great books (Abridged) at In Tandem Theatre Friday night when I heard this voice from behind me. “Hey Dave,” I turned around. … Continue reading

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Touring production of “Rent” ought to face possible eviction

During the intermission of  “Rent” at the Marcus Center on opening night, a friend of my wife’s was debating leaving. This woman, who shall go unnamed, is a regular at theater in Milwaukee and an astute critic who loves most … Continue reading

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Skylight and Hot Mikado a delicious Japanese dish

Is six months too short a time to see a sendup of the famed Gilbert & Sullivan operetta “The Mikado” twice? Under normal circumstances the answer might be “yes,” but after seeing the Skylight version of “Mikado” Saturday night the … Continue reading

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Next Act stages profound, important and sensitive Silent Sky

“We do not know where we are. “ “All I have is time. All I haven’t is time.” It is with the search and the claim that a chronicle of the journey of Henrietta Leavitt  is taking place at Next … Continue reading

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Akhtar play at The Rep is timely and important, but could use some fine tuning

It was almost as if I was watching Serena and Venus Williams and Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on a tennis court mixing it up and blisteringly batting a ball back and forth over the line. Winners hit and then … Continue reading

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Guys and Dolls rolls box cars in production of “Guys and Dolls”

Here’s the dilemma faced by Mark Clements and his team of scalawags. You’ve got this 67 year old musical that won five Tony Awards including Best Musical and Best Direction. Then you’ve got the same show as a movie 62 … Continue reading

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Connections are hard in “Frankie and Johnny In the Claire De Lune” at Chamber Theatre

It’s probably safe to say that there is nothing as important in our lives than the making of a connection with someone else. A good connection can be a cure for so much – loneliness, self-doubt, fear, sorrow, boredom and … Continue reading

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Rep’s “Souvenir” is a glorious piñata but there’s no candy inside

Thank the gods for Jack Forbes Wilson. Put that Milwaukee treasure on a stage with a piano and he creates magic, the kind of magic that can lift the most ordinary stuff into the realm of excellence. A perfect example … Continue reading

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