A Kiss Me Kate with sizzle at Skylight

When I grow up, or come back in another life,  I want to be Andrew Varela.

Mr. Varela is really handsome, really sexy, a really wonderful actor and a really wonderful singer.

Mr. Varela’s wife is Susan Spencer who is really beautiful, really sexy,  a really wonderful actor and a really wonderful singer

Finally, Mr. Varela’s current playmate is Rona Roman who is really beautiful, really sexy,  a really wonderful actor anda really wonderful singer.

See a pattern here?

You will, certainly, if you see “Kiss Me Kate” running at Skylight Music Theatre. You’ll be treated to almost three hours (there is a 20 minute intermission) of clever writing, some great songs and performances that are full of moments of sophisticated comedy that could only be delivered by Cole Porter who wrote this over five decades ago.

“Kate” is a look at Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” through a kaleidoscope in the clutches of a merry band of singers, dancers and actors, all under the spirited directorial guidance of Ray Jivoff, the the superlative Artistic Director who is retiring from Skylight after the run of “Kate.”

The story is familiar.

It’s about a theater troupe that is staging “Shrew” in a small theater in Baltimore. This is a show that will certainly never make its way to Brioadway.

Fred (Mr. Varela) and Lili (Ms. Roman) are the two leads, Petruchio and Katharine. In real life they are ex-husband and wife, both torn and connected by a tempestuous sizzle. From the earliest moments, the audience knows that these two belong together despite the fury of their constant personal Armageddon.

They engage in adjoining dressing rooms and the action is a parallel to what happens when they get on stage as Shakespeare’s two characters who are decidedly toxic in a world where the Me Too movement has such a profound impact on our lives.

Petruchio wants Kate but she is not the least bit interested. He pounds her with starvation and psychological bullying that are staged, thankfully, with good humor. Kate eventually responds with a beat down of her own.

The riotous beatdown she delivers to Petruchio and his respondent paddling of her bottom, were perfectly staged by fight director Christopher Elst. It’s a difficult task but one that was grippingly realistic and funny.

Mr. Varela and Ms. Roman are a stunning couple on the Cabot stage. The roller coaster of their relationship is the kind of magic that makes live theater such a glorious experience. They are sultry alone and absolutely sizzling together.

The remainder of the cast is uniformly solid, with singing and dancing that surround the two stars with bright moments shared by just about everyone on the stage.

Two of Milwaukee’s finest comedic actors, Doug Jarecki and Kelly Doherty, pair up for a couple of the funniest gangsters you will ever see. Along with the always gifted Jonathan Gillard Daly in two roles, they lead with a level of performance that helps carry the whole show.

For 30 years, Mr. Jivoff has been a part of Skylight and has always brought a puckish frolic to performing, directing and administering. The Milwaukee theater community will be poorer without his constant presence but it would come as no surprise to see him make an occasional appearance onstage.

In his own typical fashion, he is going out with a bang with this production of “Kate.”

Production credits: Stage Director, Ray Jivoff; Music Director, Kurt Cowling; Choreographer, Amy Brinkman; Scenic Designer, Robert Little; Costume Designer, Jason Orlenko; Lighting Designer, Craig Zemsky; Sound Designer, Adam, Seaman; Production Stage Manager, Daniel J. Hanson; Production Photographer, Ross Zentner.

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