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“A Chorus Line” gets brilliant treatment with MOT and Theatre Red collaboration

The recent Powerball pot of $700 million spawned a number of stories about what you’d do if you won. Well, if I ever win the lottery I’m going to build a spectacular golf course and then give a couple million … Continue reading

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Guide to Milwaukee theater productions opening in September

The Milwaukee Theater scene begins to heat up in September with a number of exciting productions scheduled to hit the boards. There’s a lot to choose from and this guide may be helpful. Let’s get off to a good start … Continue reading

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Like clowns from the little car, APT’s “Pericles” is as funny as it gets

Remember when you went to the circus and that little car drove into the center ring and a whole bunch of clowns tumbled out – 10, or 20 clowns. Eric Tucker, the ever-inventive Artistic Director at the ever-inventive Bedlam Theater … Continue reading

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APT delivers a classic and glorious “View from a Bridge”

There is nothing quite like the eternal battle between obsession and fear of obsession has rarely gotten such an intense look as in Arthur Miller’s  “A View From the Bridge.” And there is nothing quite like the searing production of … Continue reading

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Like nails on a blackboard, Off the Wall mounts Baby Jane!

Milking the feud between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, two of greatest actors of their time, rose to a fevered pitch with the release of the 1962 movie “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.” It was a frantic and suspense-filled … Continue reading

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Mike Fischer’s review of Three Sisters at APT

As promised, I want to bring other news about theater to readers, and that includes the reviews from Mike Fischer in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He’s the best in this state, and anyone interested in theater should read him regularly. … Continue reading

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8 Milwaukee productions I’m really looking forward to this season

The 2017-18 theater season is underway in Milwaukee and I’ve been looking at my schedule with great anticipation. And I confess that there are some plays that jump to the top of my list, anxious to see them and to … Continue reading

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Chamber’s “Deathtrap” a skillfull mystery told with twists and turns

If you are of a certain age, or a fan of film and television mysteries, then you most likely recall, with some chill, the work of the great Alfred Hitchcock. The maker of films and television shows, he was such … Continue reading

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Deathtrap brings Michael Cotey home and opens theater season.

It’s a tradition that Milwaukee Chamber Theatre opens the theatrical season in Milwaukee and that tradition gets underway August 11 at the Broadway Theatre Center. The production is the Ira Levin play, Deathtrap, about a blocked playwright who finds a … Continue reading

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Mike Fisher’s Visit to Stratford is an annual treat. Read his review here.

Ny colleague Mike Fisher, the best reviewer in Milwaukee, by far, paid his annual visit to the Stratford Festival in Ontario. It’s an orgy of classical plays and his reviews are always a must read for any theater fan. Here … Continue reading

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